May, the military and the greatest betrayal in history by David Kurtin

"But that is not the worst of it: the armed forces are being set up for the greatest betrayal in history. From the beginning of the Brexit negotiations in March 2017, Mrs May promised that she would not use security and defence as a bargaining chip. Taken at face value, that sounds good; even on leaving the EU, we will still be trading partners, friends and allies with the nations of Europe, and joint members of NATO"

Almost the entire EU has signed up to a major joint military plan (but not Britain) by Kieran Corcoran

"Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary, said that Britain is "supportive" of the initiative despite not joining it.

He described the UK Armed Forces as "like a flying buttress to support the cathedral" of European defence — i.e. an external but important part of the arrangement."

"The UK government had long been a drag on military co-operation efforts, but the idea has gathered new steam since Britain's vote to leave."