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United Kingdom

Almost the entire EU has signed up to a major joint military plan (but not Britain) by Kieran Corcoran

"Boris Johnson, the UK foreign secretary, said that Britain is "supportive" of the initiative despite not joining it.

He described the UK Armed Forces as "like a flying buttress to support the cathedral" of European defence — i.e. an external but important part of the arrangement."

"The UK government had long been a drag on military co-operation efforts, but the idea has gathered new steam since Britain's vote to leave."


EU - The Danish Defence Opt-Out ​

"Due to the Danish defence opt-out, Denmark cannot participate in the "elaboration and the implementation of decisions and actions of the Union which have defence implications”. In practice, this means that Denmark is unable to participate in EU military operations or in the cooperation on development and acquisition of military capabilities within the EU framework, nor will Denmark participate in any decisions or planning in this regard. However, Denmark will not prevent the development of closer cooperation between Member States in this area."

​Peace (and not Pesco) on Earth to men of goodwill by Ivan Grech Mintoff

"This week, our PM announced in Parliament that he has decided that Malta will opt out of PESCO - the EU's new defence and security cooperation - because "certain operations of the new entity might be in breach of the neutrality clause of Malta's Constitution"