EXit from Pesco

An update on what is happening n the world of PESCO, 17 new projects have been announced and  Ireland has decided to  join  none, an update on Operation Sophia and the militarisation of the EU and the potential to withdraw from PESCO is discussed. 

What is Security?

Explanation of Vote for the Military Mobility vote at the Strasbourg Plenary in December. Money that should be allocated to homelessness and social issues facing countries is being allocated to EU militarisation porjects such as Military Mobility 

European Defence Agency Annual COnference 2018

The European Defence Agency held their annual conference last November, this year I was not forcibly removed although my presence was questioned on entering. 


The 'arms exports: implementation of Common Position' is voted on in this Plenary. Although it is a positive report overall it needs to go further. Europe needs to stop funding the making of weapons that are destroying lives across the world.

Are we heading towards an EU ARMY?

On the 08th of November we held a Public meeting titled 'Are we heading towards an EU army?' Speakers include: Mick Wallace, Clare Daly, Thomas Pringle, Catherine Connolly, Claudia Haydt, Karen Devine and  Roger Cole. The Irish and European Perspectives are discussed


Luke 'Ming' Flanagan MEP discusses the future of European Defence including the budget, PESCO, Irish Neutrality & the mistreatment of Irish Soldiers. 


#1 commitment of PESCO is to spend more

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan MEP speaks at the Security & Defence Subcommittee Meeting on PESCO, Military Mobility, Neutrality and more.

Protest at NATO summit with PANA and Irish Anti-War Movement

Luke Ming Flanagan MEP, PANA & Irish Anti War Movement Protest against NATO in Brussels. Neutrality, PESCO and the militarisation of the EU is discussed.  

European Defence fund at SEDE (security & defence) meeting

Luke Ming Flanagan MEP addresses the SEDE Sub Committee at the European Parliament on the topic of the European Defence Fund and Ireland's role in the Militarisation of the EU.  

Fighting before feeding 

 THE MFF (MULTI FINANCIAL FRAMEWORK) aka the EU 5 year budget is discussed in the context of the cuts for CAP (COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY) and higher spending in the areas off security and defence. 

12th December Plenary on PESCO  (mogherini is confronted) 

The topic of the growing defence budget is discussed with Federica Mogherini. Luke discusses the fact that money will be relocated from the budget from CAP, Housing, Climate change in order to spend money on bombs & tanks under projects such as the EDIDP & PESCO.


Forcibly removed by Belgian police at the EDA

The European Defence Agency hosted a meeting with Federica Mogherini and other EU officials. Luke 'Ming' Flanagan tried to attend as an elected member of the European Parliament but was forcibly removed by Belgian Police.