"I can only say that Lithuania spared no effort to conjoin with the core countries of the EU. Today, we belong to the Schengen area and Eurozone. In addition, we participate in PESCO. Our relations with Germany, France, and other countries have reached a qualitatively new level. The NATO enhanced forward presence battalion in Lithuania is led by framework nation Germany. We are looking very closely at new initiatives for strengthening security in Europe and we will seek to participate insofar as they do not conflict with our interests and the goal of retaining NATO as the leading European security organisation." 

Speech by Minister Linas Linkevičius at the Annual Meeting of Heads of Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Lithuania on 3 July 2018


"Lithuanian officials says they hope to get at least 430 million euros under constant prices (without inflation taken into consideration) from the so-called military mobility fund."

Lithuania hopes for ''military mobility'' investment into Rail Baltica, roads