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Solidarity - people Before Profit

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PESCO Dáil VOTe 2017

see if your local TD voted for PESCO in decemBer 2017.

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Irish Public Opinion on Defence/Neutrality

Neutrality in Ireland Poll 2016

The two important questions asked in this poll are; ‘Who Wants The Constitution Changed To Enshrine Ireland's Neutrality’ and ‘Who Does NOT Want The Constitution Changed To Enshrine Ireland's Neutrality’. The results were that 57% wanted the constitution changed to enforce Ireland's neutrality, 39% were against the idea and 4% did not know. The results that the RED C published offer some interesting facts. There was a higher amount of women who voted to affirm Ireland's neutrality by changing the constitution than men.


Neutrality in Ireland Poll 2013

The RED C Research along with PANA  did a survey in 2013 on Neutrality in Ireland. The Question ‘Ireland should have a policy of Neutrality’ was asked and 57% strongly agreed, and only 7% Strongly Disagreed. 21% somewhat agreed whereas 8% somewhat disagreed and only 8% said neither agree or disagree. These are significant figures that offer an insight into what the Irish mindset is.

ACAdemic Papers 


'Irish Political Parties’ Attitudes towards Neutrality and the Evolution of the EU’s Foreign, Security and Defence Policies

"The 2001/2002 Irish Social and Political Attitudes Survey (ISPAS) survey showed that the strongest public support for neutrality is for a concept embodying the following foreign policy goals (Devine, 2008: 471): ● non-involvement in war ● independence ● impartiality ● peace-promotion● self-defence only ● non-aggression ● not supporting big powers ● making our own decisions  ● UN peace-keeping only" (Devine, 2009)


Irish State Documents

Membership of the European Communities 1970 

The accession of Ireland to the European Communities 1972

Challenges  and Opportunities abroad: White Paper on Foreign Policy 

Department of foreign Affairs

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